Below Are Some Of Our Jackpot Winners

May 30,2013 – Badbeat Jackpot Winners – Jessie Go & Jerry Park – Aces Full Of Tens Beaten By Quad 10’s.


1. The Jackpot Rake is the amount collected from every Eligible Poker Game Pot to fund the Jackpot Amounts and is separate from and in addition to the House Rule.
2. The Jackpot Rake for every game shall be 10% of each eligible poker game pot up to a maximum of P50.00 only. However, Licensed Poker Operators (LPO) may collect lower or varying (based on table blinds limits) jackpot rake amounts which they deem more suitable to their operations.
3. The jackpot Rake shall not be placed in or near the rake circle, in the house rake drop box, or co-mingled with gaming revenue from poker games, but in the jackpot drop box on the opposite side (left) of the table and is separate from the House Rake.
4. The amount of the progressive jackpot shall be conspicuously displayed in the poker room.
5. At least once a day, the posted Jackpot shall be updated to reflect the current amounts.
6. The Jackpot Drop Box will be collected and counted in the same manner as the House Drop Box, consistent with the Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS).
7. The Jackpot Rake is collected only once during a hand.
8. The seed money for the starting jackpot shall be funded by the LPO.
9. The No Flop, No Drop policy shall be enforced.
10. From the total daily jackpot rake collection;

-Thirty percent (30%) shall be retained by the LPO as jackpot administrative fee. The applicable PAGCOR sharing scheme (75%-25% for off-site and 60%-40% for on-site poker clubs) shall be applied. The administrative fee shall be reflected on the daily rake collection report which includes the total rake collected for the day and total tournament fees, if any.

-Seventy percent (70%) shall go to the progressive bad beat jackpot fund broken down as follows:

Main Jackpot Fund – 70%
Reserved Jackpot Fund – 30%

LPOs who wish to make their bad beat jackpot promotion more attractive to players may seed the reserved jackpot after the main jackpot is hit. However, once posted, seed money may not be taken out of the jackpot fund.

Each day, after the jackpot rake count, the LPO will update the progressive jackpot amount. The basis for the Progressive Jackpot award will be the current updated amount after adding the increments of the daily jackpot rake collection to the previous amount posted. If the Jackpot has been hit prior to posting, the total prize will be adjusted to the updated amount.


1. Qualifying hands for a Bad Beat Jackpot must be Aces Full of Tens or better Beaten by Quads or better.
2. Both the winning and losing hands must be player’s best possible combination of the five cards.
3. Both hole cards in each player’s hand must play (both hole cards must be part of the five (5) cards being played) and must go to a SHOWDOWN.
4. Both hole cards in each player’s hand must be used in making the best possible five-card hand (if Four-of-a-Kind is beaten, either two or the four, or one of the four plus the Kicker which plays must be in the player’s two-card private hand);
5. The pot must be at least twenty (20) times the big blind, and house and jackpot rake are included in the total pot prize.
6. A player’s Kicker must play and beat the board. There is no Jackpot if the Kicker ties the board.
7. If there are more than (2) two hands involved in a Bad Beat Jackpot, Then the (2) two highest hands will be considered for the Jackpot. The highest hand being the WINNING HAND and the second highest hand being the BAD BEAT HAND. The others will qualify for the table share.
8. If Aces full of Tens is beaten to qualify, at least one of the cards in the losing player’s two-card private hand must be an Ace (meaning the three Aces on the board combined with a pair in a player’s hand does not qualify for the bad beat jackpot).
9. A player must be dealt in the hand to qualify for a forty percent (40%) table share.
10. Unseated players are not qualified for table share, ( Badbeat Jackpot)
11. There must be a minimum of five (6) active participants dealt in at the table to qualify for a Bad Beat Jackpot.
12. All players at the winning table shall be required to show photo IDs in order to get paid.
13. Only Table 6, 7, 8, 9 are qualified for the Jackpot Table.
14. Table 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are not Jackpot Table.


At the discretion of PAGCOR, the following may avoid the Bad Beat Jackpot and/ or disqualify a player from eligibility to the jackpot;

1. Discussion of hands during play by players
2. Violation of the “one player to a hand rule”