1. Any player who plays cash games at Wild Aces can earn points by playing .(rounded by the hour)
2. Rewards earned at a fraction of an hour shall not be counted.
3. Points will start earning after he/she registering at our marketing desk, and he will receive a temporary rewards card.
4. Registration will require a valid ID (driver’s license/passport) for locals and a passport for foreigners.
5. Players can use their reward points to buy food or drinks at Rob’s Gastropub restaurant or bar at 50 discount.

1. Only reward points can be use to get 50 percent
2. Reward points can be used in combination with cash, cash shall have no discount.
3. Reward points discount cannot be used in combination with another discount other than reward points.
4. 1 Reward point = 1 Philippine Peso

6. Unused reward points are only good for 1 year from the date it was earned.
7. Reward points are strictly non transferrable.
8. Merchandise such as shirts and Hoodies will be discounted at 50%
9. Please allow 4-8 weeks to get your permanent reward point card.
10. Inactive reward point cards shall be deleted from our database after 1 year of inactivity.
11. Registration of Wild Aces Reward Cards shall start on June 1, 2017, Rewards card will start earning but cannot be used until June 15, 2017. REGISTRATION IS FREE.
12. Reward points can be used to buy tournament tickets without any discount.
13. Players who got banned or caught cheating shall have their reward points forfeited. Wild Aces reserve the right to revoke reward points card.
14. Player needs to give his/her reward card to Dealer in order to receive points, it is the players responsibility to know his points received.
15. There will be 4 different level of cards earning points at different rates. with corresponding level of points to purchase that card. These are as follows.

Bronze Card (Starter Level)

1. 10/20 table = 5 points/hour
2. 20/40 table = 10 points/hour
3. 25/25 table = 15 points/hour
4. 25/50 table = 20 points/hour
5. 50/100 table = 30 points/hour
6. 100/200 or more= 40 points/hour

Silver Card (5000 points)

1. 10/20 table = 10 points/hour
2. 20/40 table = 15 points/hour
3. 25/25 table = 20 points/hour
4. 25/50 table = 25 points/hour
5. 50/100 table = 35 points/hour
6. 100/200 or more= 45 points/hour

Gold Card (10,000 points)

1. 10/20 table = 15 points/hour
2. 20/40 table = 20 points/hour
3. 25/25 table = 25 points/hour
4. 25/50 table = 30 points/hour
5. 50/100 table = 40 points/hour
6. 100/200 or more= 50 points/hour

Diamond Card (20,000 points)

1. 10/20 table = 20 points/hour
2. 20/40 table = 25 points/hour
3. 25/25 table = 30 points/hour
4. 25/50 table = 35 points/hour
5. 50/100 table = 45 points/hour
6. 100/200 or more= 55 points/hour

16. Players cannot use their rewards points discount in the bar in combination with any other discounts or promotions.
17. Lost rewards card can be reissued with corresponding fees. Cards left at Wild Aces shall be retrievable within 3 weeks, it will be destroyed after that and corresponding fees applies for replacements.
18. Players found abusing the rewards card system by always leaving the table shall be removed from the system and their reward points forfeited.
19. Reward points can only be earned thru playing cash games.
20. While in Manual operation: Reflection of reward points earned shall have a minimum processing time of 24 hours, cutoff is at 5am everyday.
21. While in Manual operation: Players shall be required to sign off the rewards they earn before they leave. Players are also required to sign off when redeeming points.
22. Players who have outstanding credit with Wild Aces shall have their earned points automatically deducted as payment until fully paid.
23. Cutoff time of 5am everyday means no points shall be earned for players who started playing from 5:01am until cutoff time.
24. No points shall be earned without the rewards card.
25. Players with Rewards card shall have a special gift on their birthday from Wild Aces (redeemable until 1 week after his/her birthday)
26. Players who buy maximum buy in will earn 1 hour worth of points.
27. Players who play less than one hour total for the day shall have no points earned.
28.Management shall reserve the right to cancel, change or add any ruling when it deems necessary.
29. Reward points during the slow times of 10am – 4pm shall earn double.